Monday, 28 November 2016

Happy Pongal Celebration 2017

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Pongal Celebration 2017: Hello everyone welcomes back Pongal in India very famous festival in India Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. People think what is a Pongal celebration so guys I will explain to you what is Pongal and why people celebrated Pongal festival so guys lets start. 

Pongal Celebration 2017

What Is Pongal Celebration

Individuals enjoy Pongal for 4 succeeding days starting with Bogi Pongal and also finishes with Kaanum Pongal. The Pongal festival party marks the completion of the gathering season. On the very first day, i.e. Bogi Pongal, people give thanks to Lord Indra. The 2nd day is dedicated to the praise of Lord Surya. The 3rd day of Pongal i.e. Maattu Pongal is meant for saying thanks to the cattle. The 4th day, Kaanum Pongal, notes completion of the Pongal. On this day, people go with purchasing as well as seeing their good friends and relatives for trading dreams.

What Is Pongal Celebration

Pongal is a harvest event of South India. It is a four-day event starting from 13th of January to 16th of January. The event additionally coincides with the various other vital events Lohri and also Makar Sankranti. All these events are celebrated when rice and other grains are collected. On the day of Pongal, the entrances of residences are embellished with beautiful rangolis or kolams which are made with rice flour to feed the pests as well as get their true blessings for the house. Individuals get brand-new clothes, sweets and also prepare tasty recipes to commemorate the festival with zeal.Also on this particular day, Bullfights, bird battles as well as community suppers are likewise organized.

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